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The Chest Clinic


A multi-professional London, Hertfordshire and Berkshire group practice providing expert care for patients with Respiratory system problems



The Chest Clinic is a multi-professional group of experienced Respiratory Consultants and Respiratory Physiologists who are experts in diagnosing and managing lung problems. We provide care for respiratory or chest problems based out of private hospitals in north London, Hertfordshire and Berkshire.


Referrals are usually made from either your GP or via the urgent care centre/nurse practitioner. We are also able to accept direct self referral from patients. Patients see one of our specialists for a variety of reasons, which range from acute/ short term problems with the chest or breathing through to longer term conditions. 

As medical knowledge continues to progress, the multidisciplinary and multi-specialist team becomes ever more important to ensure that the best possible care is provided. By offering a multi consultant practice we can provide comprehensive personalised consultant delivered care across the whole range of sub-specialty conditions.


We work closely with our colleagues in Radiology, Cardiology, Oncology and Thoracic surgery to help provide as seamless care as possible.

Our practice is primarily based out of BMI Clementine Churchill Hospital, OSD Hemel HempsteadBMI Bishops WoodSpire Thames Valley, Spire Bushey, BMI Princess Margaret and Spire Harpenden

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