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Chest clinic consultants host specialist EBUS/EUS/ROSE course

Dr Andy Barlow and Dr Rahul Mogal from the Chest Clinic along with Dr Tony Maddox (pathologist at West Herts) hosted the 2nd West Hertfordshire EBUS/EUS/Rose course at Watford hospital on the 1st and 2nd of November. This now established 2 day course trains senior clinicians in complex interventional skills required to undertake EBUS and EUS procedures, and demonstrates the advantages of real time pathology in improving diagnosis. EBUS and EUS are procedures that involve a camera with an ultrasound probe connected to it to enter the lung, allowing the operator to accurately take samples (biopsies) to provide rapid diagnosis for patients- this procedure is mainly used to help in the diagnosis of lung cancer, lymphoma, sarcoidosis and TB. Both Dr Barlow and Dr Mogal perform these procedures privately for patients of The Chest Clinic.

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